Cutting edge science meets the art of wellbeing with Dr. Brown

There’s a scientific method for optimizing all aspects of wellbeing — from getting a good night’s sleep and customizing your diet, to managing the stressors of modern-day life and moving in a way that mitigates aging.

Everything you’ll learn with an Align/WELL membership is based on accurate and up-to-date scientific studies, gathered by Dr. Brown over the course of 30+ years.


What's included:

5 Step Path to Optimal Wellbeing Program

  • Support your wellbeing and increase your healthspan with our self-paced 5 Step Path to Optimal Wellbeing program.

  • This science-based wellbeing program walks you through optimizing each of Dr. Brown's five pillars of wellness in 2 week modules that are delivered in daily bite sized lessons.

  • Coaching and support from Dr. Brown and his team.

Live events, classes and workshops including:

  • Monthly Wellness Topic Deep Dive with Dr. Brown

  • Live Office Hours Q&A Sessions with Dr. Brown

  • Racial Justice Reading Group with Pam Brown

Library with hundreds of tutorials, trainings and classes including: 

  • Nutritious Recipes & Cooking Tutorials 

  • Wellness Insights “Quick Takes” with Dr. Brown

  • Monthly Fitness Programs

  • 400+ On-Demand Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Functional Fitness and Meditation Classes led by Brooklyn’s top instructors

Special trial offer includes: Reset Restore Renew Program

Get to ground zero with this 7 day wellness (un)challenge by taking the opportunity to gently reset, restore and renew by putting rest first, and taking some simple actions that will give you a big result in terms of energy and peace of mind.

We exist in a hustle culture where we are constantly told that the key to solve every problem is to work harder, faster, smarter, more.

This 7 day program is about being perfect just as you are. It's not about fixing your body or any part of yourself.

Wellbeing versus Wellness

We’ve talked enough about wellness. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been involved in this crucial conversation for 30+ years, but we believe you deserve more than a face mask and a juice cleanse. We believe you deserve Wellbeing. 

We see you. Putting in the effort to track your steps and try out that new meditation app. But we also see a community that presents health like it’s a chore, something to do, rather than something to be

And honestly, where’s the fun in that? Not to mention the endless gatekeeping that comes with the image of health presented to us, who it’s for, how it should look, and who shouldn’t bother. 

Yeah, we’re over it. 


That’s why the Align/WELL membership is different. A vibrant community of health enthusiasts who are passionate about fairness and inclusivity, we welcome people who are ready to transform their own lives as well as the lives of many others.

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