This September inside Align/WELL

September is always one of our favorite transitions. We leave behind the first half of the year and the break of summer, and can reset our intentions for the remainder of the year.

"Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is."

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Mary Anne Radmacher

September Theme:

Intentional Transition

The last 3 years have been unprecedented. We have been asked to pivot on a dime and adapt to nearly constant change. And all these transitions were mostly outside of our circle of control.

As we move into the final months of 2023, we invite you to reclaim purposeful change and growth.

This month inside Align/WELL will empower you to navigate life's transitions with grace and intentionality, fostering personal and professional development in a supportive and engaging community. 

September Highlights

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Live this Fall:

🧬 The Science of Wellbeing with Dr. Brown - Metabolic Flexibility ~ 9/16



🚀 SHIFT: a transformative masterclass on getting out of neutral for good  ~ 9/23



⭕️ Community Circle with Pam Brown - Intentional Transitions ~ 10/1



🧡 5 Step Path to Optimal Wellbeing Fall Cohort ~ 10/7


5 Step Path to Optimal Wellbeing

Fall Cohort Starts October 7th

We set you up for success by starting you off with this 5 week transformative wellbeing journey.

Transform your wellbeing with our 5-step path, incorporating the latest research delivered in transformative live weekly workshops with Dr. Brown.

This 5 week training provides unique blend of education and transformation. This program goes beyond traditional learning to offer you an immersive experience that combines the power of knowledge with personal growth.

Through interactive exercises, guided self-reflection, and practical tools, you'll not only learn about better sleep habits but also embark on a path to meaningful change.  

Spend less time and experience profound improvement in your wellbeing. Receive personalized coaching and support from Dr. Brown and his team as you progress through each of the 5 pillars of wellness.

A-L-I-G-N to be WELL

September Program

A - This month your wellbeing program includes a step-by-step morning routine that will set your positive outlook for the day.

L - Jump into a curated program of on-demand yoga and fitness classes.

I - With colder weather on the horizon, now is the time to add some healthy immune supporting recipes to your rotation.

G - Download the PDF planner and set your goals for the month and track your progress.

N - Level up your mindset by joining the Circle community meeting!

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The Science of Wellbeing

Join Dr. Brown each month for The Science of Wellbeing. Optimize your wellbeing and extend your healthspan by learning how to apply the latest scientific research in functional medicine.

This month: Metabolic Flexibility

Metabolic flexibility refers to the body's ability to switch between different fuel sources, such as carbohydrates and fats, based on its energy demands and availability. Metabolic flexibility is crucial for maintaining overall health and optimizing energy metabolism, as it allows the body to efficiently adapt to varying nutritional and energy needs, reducing the risk of metabolic disorders and promoting better energy utilization.

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Foundation Nutrition

Use your 15% member discount to optimize your nutrient intake. Foundation nutrition is essential for today's world. Due to soil depletion it takes 8 oranges to get what our grandparents got out of just 1.

Here is Dr. Brown's recommended protocol.

Community Circle

This transformative workshop happens every month led by Pam Brown. We come together to level up and improve all aspects of our wellbeing through inquiry and connection.

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Music to Move by Playlist

We all could use more upbeat music in our lives! The healing and mood shifting power of music is inexplicable and yet we all can feel it. Check out our No More Bad Days playlist to boost your mood and energy. Take it on a walk or on the train to work.

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